I Really Like My New Home

I had never been to Santa Fe before, but that did not stop me from accepting a job offer there. I knew that if I did not like it, all I had to do was stick it out for a couple of years, then I could move anywhere else I wanted to in the country, since this was just a temporary job offer. The pay was too good to refuse the offer though, which is why I started looking at Santa Fe apartments as soon as I accepted the position. Even without knowing the area that well, I knew that I had two requirements for living there. The first is that it must be a safe area. I have lived in areas where the crime stats are pretty scary, and I refuse to ever do that again. The second is that it has to be as close to my work as possible. I don't like driving or sitting in traffic, so I wanted as short of a commute as possible. After looking for just a few minutes, I was able to find an apartment complex that fulfilled both Evaluate Even More