Building Myself a New House

We decided that with the kids moved out and not likely to return we should go ahead and build a house that is less work for us to keep up. This place is huge, perfect for raising five kids. We already have a number of buyers interested in the place, but first we are going to finish up the new place. It is not like we are going to live on the streets instead. We have looked into getting a plan from the adt local security in lewes, DE and we already have the foundation of the house. It is going to be a small house with a small amount of yard. The lot itself is going to be pretty big and it is going to sit near an old farm pond. There is an old orchard to the South of the place and a couple of the trees are on my land, but I do not really care one way or another about the apples or the pears that grow upon them.

This place is a bit off the beaten path, which is exactly whatwe wanted to do. However it is such that we are not going to want to leave it unattended without having a very good security system installed and a monitoring package. What we are looking at is one of those packages where you have video on the inside and the outside, so that for instance I could look on my smart phone and see who is out in front knocking on my door. I would just as soon be able to tell people to go away without getting out of bed for example or decide if I wanted to just roll over and go back to sleep. Of course it would also tell you if you needed to be worried.

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