Living a Life Without Moral Judgement


There’s one facet of our lives that we can have the most control over; our health. I’m not ashamed in denying this but the primary reason that I work out and keep myself looking as great as I do is because I want to be able to impress the opposite sex. The current narrative online demonizing men is absurd – there’s nothing wrong with wanting to impress women or to have sex as often as possible. So, yeah, I do take Genf20 Plus to increase my lean muscle mass and to enhance my bodily vitality. Does this help me hook up with more women? Absolutely. Am I ashamed of that? Not in the slightest. No matter the narrative that the Social Justice Warriors or the ‘Red Pill’ movement try to push online I’m gong to behave in the way that pleases me most. That doesn’t mean I’m going to live a life that disrespects women.

There are plenty of women out there who are willing partners and want to live a sexually satisfied life. There’s nothing wrong with that. There’s no harm in that. Maybe there are some people who are not going to agree with this kind of lfiestyle and you know what? That’s completely fine, too. It doesn’t mean that we’re going to go out there and demonize the people who don’t live this sort of life so why do they often feel the need to do it themselves? It’s an ugly truth that the other side doesn’t want to admit. Whenever there is a group that believes another group is being immoral they seem to almost always protest it. They decry it while the supposed immoral group simply wants to be able to live the life that they’re living and are forced to defend themselves almost constantly.

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