Should I Buy an Executive Condo in Keppel Singapore?


When purchasing an executive condo in Keppel, certain aspects must be kept in mind when making your selection. These include location, amenities and resale value as well as meeting any income limits that might exist.

Once you’ve chosen your unit, PDI documents will be given out with information regarding floor plans, rules and regulations, fixtures etc. for your unit.


Location is of utmost importance when choosing an executive condo in Keppel Singapore, so close proximity to major transportation hubs and other attractions should be prioritized as you quickly transition between work and home life. Schools and shopping centers should also be nearby.

Contrary to conventional condominiums, which are owned and managed by individuals, executive condos (ECs) are built and sold by property developers as hybrid forms of public and private housing designed specifically for Singapore’s sandwich class of Singaporeans. As such, ECs must follow all rules and restrictions as HDB flats for their first 10 years of ownership.

Corals at Keppel Bay is a 99-year leasehold development situated along Keppel Bay Drive in District 4. Designed by DCA Architects and developed by Keppel Land, its units boast amenities such as swimming pool and clubhouse for your enjoyment – ideal for families with young children!


Apart from featuring an elite gym and tennis court, this property boasts a 50-meter lap pool and clubhouse for residents to enjoy a lifestyle of luxury and convenience – an attractive feature among high-net-worth individuals.

Daniel Libeskind’s groundbreaking architectural designs for Corals at Keppel Bay is truly extraordinary. With its flowing forms and expressive lines that recall both sea and sky, its towers connected by sky bridges offering breathtaking waterfront views – this residential development stands as a true architectural landmark of Singapore.

This condominium is conveniently situated nearby a variety of amenities, such as schools and shopping centres. VivoCity Mall – Singapore’s largest mall – can be reached easily on foot or by driving or bus, while popular attractions like Mount Faber and Sentosa Island can also be easily accessed within short driving distance. HarbourFront MRT stations as well as bus services can also be found close by for public transit purposes.

Resale value

Resale values of executive condominiums tend to outstrip those of regular condos, since these developments are typically constructed and sold by private developers – leading to more upmarket look-and-feel than BTO flats. Unfortunately, however, HDB properties like these remain on their books until 11th year – meaning buyers cannot obtain loans against these properties from HDB.

Keppel Land’s luxury condo development of The Corals at Keppel Bay features 366 units in an ideal location near shopping malls and restaurants, providing privacy and exclusivity with low density designs that ensure privacy and exclusivity while its eco-friendly elements have earned it the Green Mark GoldPlus award.

Reports in mainstream media reveal nine transactions of condos worth $10 million or more this year, sold with caveats lodged with the Urban Redevelopment Authority and sold off at auction. These deals have raised eyebrows among netizens; some questioning whether the government should adjust how it sells public housing units.

Maintenance fee

Maintenance fees associated with executive condominiums in Keppel Singapore will differ depending on their project or property, but typically run higher than HDB flats. You could save on fees by opting for smaller units with lower share values; it is essential to understand exactly which share value your condo has before buying to avoid unexpected monthly fees later on.

ECs (Equity Co-ops) are hybrid properties developed and sold by private developers but subsidized by the Singapore government, making them much cheaper compared to regular private condos while still qualifying for CPF housing grants. They’re popular among both first time home buyers and investors.

Additionally, ECs are limited to four-room flats and many of them do not have schools within one kilometre of priority enrolment, making them unsuitable for families requiring more space to live.

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