Started Working at a Video Store


I just started a new job the other day, although I can not really claim that I am very thrilled about it. The hope is that it is going to be something that is only temporary, obviously because I need a job which is going to come with a better pay check and less unwanted attributes. The job is pretty simple. I am a cashier at a video store. Of course they have another room in the back where they sell adult videos and a few adult toys, but I do not ever have to go back there. In fact I do not think that it would be legal for me to do that for a couple of months. I am still twenty years old and I hope to find a different job before I turn 21 in December. In fact the big problem with the job is that it is extremely boring.

There are customers of course, but for the most part I am working the slow parts of the day. I have to have a job that fits in with going to class full time, so I was looking for these sorts of odd hours. When I first go in there is traffic for a little while and then it completely falls off, or at least no one is looking at the stuff we have up front. There a number of people who come in and walk directly to the back room, which of course is not much concern to me. For the time being I have decided that the only thing is to make the best of the situation. So I bring in all of my homework and all of my school books. I can usually get all of my school work done in the down time of this job.

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