Still Looking for a New Place

I have been looking for a new place for about a month now, since it became obvious that the landlord had finalized his deal with the developer. It is a common story in Singapore, the land under the building is often worth much more than the building on top of it. In this case they have acquired a group of properties and they intend to build a big residential tower. I went to see this place called Gem residences or Gemini residences this morning. I would love it if I could have afforded the place, but it is a good bit outside of the budget that I have. Aside from that I could really not find too much wrong with the place. It was about half as far from work as where I live right now for one thing, that is something I would dearly love if it was a practical proposition.

Of course there are a lot of reasons why I can not afford this place, for starters it was a really nice place and it had all of the extra stuff that you would love to have. They gave you a two car garage down on the ground level, which is nice even though I do not have a car. A car is a real luxury here, especially when it is so hard for you to find a place to park it. However they had this huge pool that was really awesome and I love to swim and to sit by the pool with a drink in my hand also. They had a real security system so that you do not have to worry about stuff like your crazy ex girlfriend sneaking up on you in the dark. There was a really awesome gym and I love to work out.

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Make Sure You Do All of Your Windows Updates

People I know with computers who never do the updates get into a scramble to keep their computers working when updates are forced or their systems just start to malfunction. Software continues to be developed over time. Your hardware is a static object. It stays the same throughout the life of your computer. However, the firmware that runs hardware can need updating. It is programmed onto a flashable chip. That can bring new life to hardware. If you do not update, you can get an error code 0x80244019 when updating Windows or many other error codes. If you have not done any updates, you cannot just jump to the latest update in some instances.

For example, if you have not updated to service pack 2 on an old version of Windows, it is unlikely you can just go ahead and jump to service pack 3. Of course you do have to realize that Windows is on version 10 as of this writing. The old operating systems get to a point they are no longer updated for security threats or vulnerabilities or drivers and bug fixes. Your legacy product may no longer be supported. You may think that since the computer is still working okay that there is nothing to worry about. That is not true.

Your computer may be vulnerable to hacks and other threats by not installing updates. If you have even one thing that is personal information on your computer, it may be compromised. Even if you do not do banking or anything on an old computer, it may be a gateway to other computers on your home Wi-Fi network that you do have personal info on. You really cannot be too careful. Do the updates for as long as a product is supported, and then recycle it when the operating system is no longer going to be updated.

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Started Working at a Video Store

I just started a new job the other day, although I can not really claim that I am very thrilled about it. The hope is that it is going to be something that is only temporary, obviously because I need a job which is going to come with a better pay check and less unwanted attributes. The job is pretty simple. I am a cashier at a video store. Of course they have another room in the back where they sell adult videos and a few adult toys, but I do not ever have to go back there. In fact I do not think that it would be legal for me to do that for a couple of months. I am still twenty years old and I hope to find a different job before I turn 21 in December. In fact the big problem with the job is that it is extremely boring.

There are customers of course, but for the most part I am working the slow parts of the day. I have to have a job that fits in with going to class full time, so I was looking for these sorts of odd hours. When I first go in there is traffic for a little while and then it completely falls off, or at least no one is looking at the stuff we have up front. There a number of people who come in and walk directly to the back room, which of course is not much concern to me. For the time being I have decided that the only thing is to make the best of the situation. So I bring in all of my homework and all of my school books. I can usually get all of my school work done in the down time of this job.

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A More Fun Approach to Teaching

Learning can be fun, but sometimes people hate to do it, because it means boring lectures, quizzes, and taking notes. It doesn't always have to be that way, and if you can think outside of the box, you can find some amazing ways to get people interesting in just about anything that you're teaching. I wanted to teach my students math, but the classroom isn't always the most fun way to do it. I came up with an idea to contact a party bus rental service for Toronto and ride around with the students teaching them the math.

When I told the students that we wouldn't be having class in the classroom, there wasn't much of a reaction from them. The temperature outside was nearly 100 degrees Fahrenheit, so they really didn't want to sit outside in the hot sun learning about math. I told them that things would be a little bit different, because we would be taking a party approach to math. This got a rise from the students, and they got out of their seats and headed for the door. We boarded the bus and went on our way.

I used the bus as a means to ask questions about calculating the distance between two points. When one of the students got a question right, I rewarded them by stopping the bus at a planned location. The first stop was a pizza parlor, where I had asked the owner to prepare enough pizza to feed 30 students. Once they were done eating the pizza, we boarded the bus again and I asked them questions. Next we stopped at an ice cream shop, where the students had a cone. We made 5 stops overall, and when we went back to the classroom, the kids were stuffed with food and knowledge.

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