Still Looking for a New Place


I have been looking for a new place for about a month now, since it became obvious that the landlord had finalized his deal with the developer. It is a common story in Singapore, the land under the building is often worth much more than the building on top of it. In this case they have acquired a group of properties and they intend to build a big residential tower. I went to see this place called Gem residences or Gemini residences this morning. I would love it if I could have afforded the place, but it is a good bit outside of the budget that I have. Aside from that I could really not find too much wrong with the place. It was about half as far from work as where I live right now for one thing, that is something I would dearly love if it was a practical proposition.

Of course there are a lot of reasons why I can not afford this place, for starters it was a really nice place and it had all of the extra stuff that you would love to have. They gave you a two car garage down on the ground level, which is nice even though I do not have a car. A car is a real luxury here, especially when it is so hard for you to find a place to park it. However they had this huge pool that was really awesome and I love to swim and to sit by the pool with a drink in my hand also. They had a real security system so that you do not have to worry about stuff like your crazy ex girlfriend sneaking up on you in the dark. There was a really awesome gym and I love to work out.

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