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bgr packaging

If you’re looking for a full-service packaging company, you’ve come to the right place. Our comprehensive database of global buyers and suppliers features names and contact information for the top decision makers at companies around the globe. This directory includes email addresses, LinkedIn profiles, phone numbers, and more. Whether you need to find a new supplier or expand your current supplier base, we can help.

a full-service packaging company

BGR packaging is a full-service packaging company that provides a range of packaging supplies and systems. Its full line of products includes corrugated specialty and industrial paper products, as well as bagging and converting systems. It also offers a wide variety of accessories such as air bags, covers, and shrink-wrap machinery. With over 140,000 square feet of manufacturing space, BGR can meet a wide variety of customer needs, from small orders to large scale operations.

As an employer, BGR takes pride in its culture and family values. It works to retain the commitment of its employees and has a Wellness Committee. This committee helps boost employee morale by providing onsite yoga and meditation programs.

Customer-first strategy

BGR has announced a new leadership structure. The company’s co-founders, Allen Backscheider and Phil Schneider, will continue to serve as Co-Chairmen, but they are also stepping down from their role as co-presidents. These two executives will remain involved in BGR’s key initiatives and key customers. Phil Schneider outlined the company’s investment strategy: “BGR will continue to invest in a variety of supply chain solutions, equipment solutions, and customized inventory management systems to provide more streamlined customer service.” The company has also hired Tom Metz as VP of Supply Chain and Jeff Dickson as Chief Customer Officer.

The customer-first strategy requires an understanding of your customers, including their needs, demographics, and buying habits. It also requires an understanding of their everyday life and the products they use. Knowing your customers is essential to making informed decisions that will delight them and keep them coming back for more.

Employee benefits

BGR offers a comprehensive benefits package that includes health insurance, vision and dental coverage, disability insurance, group term life insurance, and a retirement savings plan with company match. The company has won several awards for its employee benefits package, including the Cincinnati Enquirer’s Top Workplaces.

BGR provides a full range of custom packaging solutions, including label printing and die-cut tapes. The company has seven flexographic and digital presses, laser die trimming systems, and a full staff of designers and technicians. With over 40 years of experience, BGR is one of the nation’s leading packaging providers.


BGR Packaging is a global provider of packaging and labeling solutions. Its latest expansion is the opening of a new label manufacturing facility in August 2018. The facility is a significant milestone for the company’s Label Division. The company’s label customers include Fortune 500 companies, retail brands, and more. The company’s network of facilities allows it to deliver labels to all corners of the US.

The company’s expertise in packaging supply chain consulting helps it serve a wide range of industries. It serves manufacturing, retail, wholesale, and healthcare markets. Its more than 140,000-square-foot facility provides innovative solutions at every step of the packaging supply chain. The company offers a full range of services including packaging, label applications, and inventory management.

Business intelligence data

Data packaging is a key component of Business Intelligence (BI) solutions. It allows data to be packaged in a variety of formats, including reports and e-mail alerts. With the right packaging, BI information can be easily accessed and acted upon. This type of solution helps organizations streamline and improve business processes.

Business intelligence is important for organizations because it helps them make better decisions. This type of software analyzes data to produce useful insights. These insights can help companies make better business decisions and boost their profits. In addition, business intelligence software is capable of providing business leaders with a clear picture of their overall performance. It’s also useful for sales managers, as it allows them to track the company’s pipeline and revenue targets.

The choice between building an enterprise-level BI system from scratch or using a pre-built solution is an important one. Developing a solution in-house is often more cost-effective and more flexible. It also allows for easy scaling. A well-built, pre-built solution will be scalable and flexible enough to meet a company’s BI needs. The company can adapt the data model to fit its specific needs with minor customization work.

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