The Benefits of a Rugged Touch Screen Monitor – Monitor that will last through tough conditions

benefits of rugged touch screen monitor

If you have a business or are in a job where you need a monitor that will last through tough conditions, then you may want to consider buying a rugged touch screen monitor. They come in a variety of different options, including IR (Infrared) and Analog Resistive Touch screens. These are very beneficial to have when you are trying to run your business.

Xenarc Technologies

Xenarc Technologies offers rugged touch screen monitors that are designed for harsh environments. Whether you need a marine grade solution or you want a touch screen display for the military, Xenarc can build a custom model to fit your requirements.

The 8-inch GFG (Glass-Film-Glass) armored touch panel has a surface hardness of 7H and is built for industrial use. It’s also IK08 vandal-resistant and has an optically bonded front panel. Optical bonding increases durability and clarity and provides a rugged seal.

In addition to offering military and marine solutions, Xenarc offers touchscreen solutions that are perfect for any application. These include smart vehicles, smart factories, and smart homes. They offer reliable pressure activated touch, glove operated interfaces, and electromagnetic compatibility.


When it comes to rugged displays, Curtiss-Wright Corporation stands out as the world’s leading supplier. The company provides sophisticated displays for military, commercial and airborne applications. Their products speed up HD video integration and enhance mission effectiveness. Moreover, they provide reliable solutions.

Curtiss-Wright’s products are used by leading law enforcement organizations and government agencies across the world. They include a full line of video recording, distribution and switching technology. Combined with the latest VMS video management system, the displays deliver extensive surveillance capability.

Curtiss-Wright Corporation’s Defense Solutions division has expanded its product family of rugged displays. The new generation of displays is fully qualified to the DO-160 standard, reducing the risk of failure for system integrators.


Premio has been in business for over 30 years and offers a comprehensive line of touchscreen monitors and PC’s that will fit your budget and your environment. Whether you’re looking for an industrial touch screen or a full-fledged desktop, Premio has the solution for you. Using its patented modular design, you can build custom systems to suit your needs, including touchscreen monitors for industrial applications. Featuring an array of high-end technologies, Premio delivers rugged and dependable displays, desktops, and laptops for a variety of applications.

The Premio TD-4517 is a cost effective option to help you achieve your display goals. This display is available in sizes ranging from the diminutive 7.0″ to the more spacious 21.5″. Featuring a full suite of connectivity options including USB, HDMI, DisplayPort, VGA, and RS232, the TD-4517 offers all the features and functionalities of more conventional systems, while offering a level of security unmatched by its competitors.

Analog Resistive Touch

A resistive touch screen monitor can be found in many applications. These include public information kiosks, computers, and even smart phones. There are a number of benefits to choosing this type of touch screen, including durability and cost-effective performance.

Unlike capacitive and optical touch screens, the surface of a resistive touch screen is resistant to impact and scratching. In addition, it is completely sealed against outside contaminants. The surface is also resistant to chemicals and vandalism.

Resistance touch screen technology is the most widely used form of touchscreen. It is also one of the most durable. It is resistant to abrasion and pressure, and is compatible with gloves.


Using a capacitive touch screen monitor can make your work easier. They can be used in many different scenarios, from retail stores to staff communication systems.

Capacitive touch screens are more reliable and rugged than resistive touchscreens. This means they’ll continue to operate despite damage. Whether it’s a scratch, a crack, or a fall, the display can still function.

Unlike with resistive displays, you won’t need to perform periodic calibrations or worry about false touches. The sensors in a capacitive display are designed to measure the changes in capacitance between the two sides of the panel.

Another advantage of a capacitive touch screen is that it’s more responsive than the average touchscreen. It can detect small touches even if you don’t press it hard. And, it’s capable of sliding motions, too.

IR (Infrared) type

An IR (Infrared type) rugged touch screen monitor is a great way to enhance the user experience on your device. These types of screens can be used in many different settings, including digital signage, digital kiosks, advertising displays, and medical instrumentation.

IR touchscreens are designed to be more durable and reliable than capacitive type devices. They feature a grid-like arrangement of infrared LEDs, which emit light continuously. The photodetectors located around the edges of the display also help detect any interruptions in the flow of light. This makes the IR Touch very sensitive.

With an IR touch screen, you can touch your device with fingers, gloves, or a stylus. When you press your finger, your device will register the touch, and then send the corresponding signals to your computer.

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